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The "vokey.info" domain was set up as a clearing house for information on the greater Vokey family. The domain was registered in December 2003 and is being hosted along with rvokey.ca for the present.

I have posted some family tree information on the Vokeys arising from Spaniard's Bay, Newfoundland.

I will also be providing a links page to other Vokey sites.

When the web site was first set up I was able to do quite a bit of work on it then I got sufficiently occupied the it was left as a "retirement project". I have now been retired since September 2016 and still have not really resumed - too busy enjoying our early retirement years. Check out Wanders In Our Roadtrek Zion for more on that.

If you are a Vokey or are related to the Vokey "clan", this is your page too! If you are interested in contributing to either project, please feel free to contact me at contrib@vokey.info.

I still hope to resume work sometime along the road.

Photographs on this site Copyright © Rod Vokey