Descendents of William & Sarah Vokey
Descendents of Philip & Rebecca Vokey
Surname Summary

If you have not been to this page for a while, you will find some significant growth in content. As of December 2005, I have added a whole parallel tree of Vokeys with roots in the Spaniard's Bay area.

The original data included the descendents of William & Sarah. This has been updated with the data I have received in recent months and is being republished.

The new data is the descendency of Philip & Rebecca. This covers much the same period and geography as the original. I do know where they may have a common origin (if any). Any help on this would be most useful.

The next step will be to gather the stray bits of Vokey stuff that I have found that do not seem to fit in either line. I will try to at least make mini trees from those with the hope that some of you out there can help me bridge the gaps.

As in the past, the information published in this section that is available to the public at large will have information for living members of the clan suppressed. I would rather not feed anything useful to the identity thieves and other pests out lurking in cyberworld. As a result, what you will see is a surface cut of a much more extensive geneological database that I am slowly gathering.

I have also added a page which summarizes the number and date ranges of the surnames covered in the two charts. This will help you get a feeling whether I might have more information of interest to you without disclosing anything to the cyberpests.

If you have more information, please feel free to drop me a note at